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Agency Douala
141 rue de la motte piquet
BP: 12 829 Douala Bonandjo

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Logistic advice

  • We know that the implementation of your projects and manage your supply chain you wish to heart

  • Mastering your logistics management is a competitive advantage

  • Your logistics system -it is suitable for your organization

With NEXXIS transitquality, productivity , safety and security of your logistics

The development of your activities and daily management can not be done without a structuring reliable supply chain especially in a highly competitive environment.

We must organize all like, financial flows, flows information (in both directions) the flows of goods and first materials between sites and those to customers (upstream and downstream) .For example production enterprises factories, warehousing, distribution, transportation, the provider and the various providers for outsourced functions.

This leads to interface many tools developed by the company covering various fields.

Planning, production, optimization inventory, transportation, warehousing, storage, management control and quality optimization as much as possible the costs of information systems etc. ... so we must take into account all. . Check the performance of these and set up watches and use tools different indicators

We are aware that this is not an easy task and we offer:

  • logistics project Management

  • Analysis of the logistics.

  • design and optimization of your logistics system.