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Agency Douala
141 rue de la motte piquet
BP: 12 829 Douala Bonandjo

+237 233 424 745



  • Update documents to data

  • detailed declarations of Establishment

  • Liquidation statements

  • manifest shipments Validation, visit and scanner

  • Obtaining BAE.

But also all Plans Economic Special:

  • transit bonds transit

  • Exports and Temporary Imports..

  • the warehouse Layout normal and special temporary Statements.

  • the establishment of customs documents (the certificate of origin, movement certificate EUR1 and GSP)

  • the establishment of Community Transits document CEMAC (Transit Road).

  • The clearance of motor vehicles (cars, trucks, tractors ...).

The special services

  • The implementation of the DPs (Procedure clearance Therapists)

  • the audits in enterprises to verify and validate via a service provider to those in autonomy as regards customs (those in PDD for example), their procedures.