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Agency Douala
141 rue de la motte piquet
BP: 12 829 Douala Bonandjo

+237 233 424 745


A professional team on hand

We place customer satisfaction at the heart of our strategy. Our goal is to meet your needs by providing a customized solution tailored to your means and your ambitions.

The team of customs declarants, logisticians and experienced carriers remains your disposal to share with you their expertise and their extensive knowledge of the regulatory framework ... and especially their passion for the job.

NexxisTransit presents a team capable of supporting a wide range of skills to ensure a solution effective as soon as possible by a perfect coordination of resources.

a complementary and multidisciplinary team

A financial expert leader It brings Nexxis Transit his experience in accompanying the mode of operation of small, medium and that the BIG BUSINESS and take the necessary reflection to evolve peacefully.

from a logistics expert consultant strong from long experience he spoke in Project management and Performance management logistics, supply Chain management, Production, supply, flow management, information systems, mapping and process modeling - Lean management. Audit of logistics strategic tactical and operational structures.

On a department head transit & amp; customs who practices in the area since 1993. His field experience and multi-product technical expertise enable it to meet the regulatory requirements of various operations both import and export. He anticipates the needs and knows the workings of administrative and customs declarations.

Tip legal (lawyer) specialist in maritime law and customs procedures

an administrative manager in charge of administrative organization company ensure the implementation of contracts, management of a customer portfolio.

A chef operations , which coordinates and directs the activities of the supervisor and his assistant on the field every day.

A supervisor

Two assistants